Welcome fellow entrepreneur!
Hi, my name is Bettina.
I'm an international
​online marketing & sales consultant. 
My team and I will help you to bring your business to the next level.
With more than 10 years experience we know how to combine new ways and well known techniques, custom tailored your niche. Together, we will get your brand out there.

Keyword research, SEO, blogging, sales funnels, influencer marketing and offline cooperations, social media and ads, Google AdWords campaigns,... - you name it, we do it.
I'm originally from Austria and I've been living in the Netherlands,
the USA and Asia. I've worked with national & international solopreneurs and companies
in Austria, Germany, Estonia, The Netherlands & USA in German, English & Dutch.

I can help you with your brand launch. If you already have a website,
​but need to improve in sales and traffic, then lets take it the extra mile.

My team and I will be more than happy to ease the business struggle for you!

What Clients Say..
Peter Prokop:
I have been working with Bettina for a while now. I was looking for someone to finish my website, Theatoo and help me strategize a way to sell products on my ecommerce store. I have 20 years of experience in traditional marketing & sales, but I never really got into the world of online marketing. I needed to get some guidance from a pro. This decision was moneumental. Bettina has been an outstanding consultant, very competent and confident in what she was doing. We decided together what steps to take and she implemented everything and went the extra mile. She put her charming touch on my many inputs and I must admit - she simply made them better. She definitely deserves a 5-star review. 
Cornelia Rammler:
Visual Addiction

It’s been outstanding to work with Bettina! One of the things I like the most is that even though she has a huge amount of know-how, she understands how to communicate it in an easily relatable way. Within this close, friendly collaboration brilliant ideas come up. This keeps it motivating and opens doors to many new possibilities!

Elijah Kim:
Bubzi Co
Bettina has helped me tremendously in translating my Amazon product listings in German, Spanish, French, Italian and Japanese including keyword research. She project managed all the translators and her attention to detail is second to none. She made sure to follow up with the progress and handled all my questions with great accuracy. I recommend her for her honesty and speedy control of my projects. Thanks so much Bettina!
Let's talk!
Please contact me for a free consultation.
PodSTAR CONNECTIONS is the link between you and the right podcast in your niche. 
Podcasts are a great source of social proof.
Just like TV and radio, but podcasting is even better,
because it's timeless. Meaning your potential customers can listen anytime and anywhere they like!

Podcasts have a unique way of allowing the listener to complete other everyday tasks while listening
to what you have to say.

A podcast is the ideal marketing tool:
+ For entrepreneurs, who would like to be seen as an expert in their field.
+ For products that need a more detailed explanation.
+ To target groups that don't have much time to watch TV, be on facebook or other platforms.

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